Reaching peace about past decisions


Roslin seeks guidance about money she lent to a couple ten years ago.  She says, “The  loan and the investment were supposed to be for six months, but here we are 11 years later and it still has not come back to me. The people involved have kept in touch with me over the years and keep telling me that the money is coming and to keep having patience. But I am loosing faith in their integrity. And my debt has grown a lot over the years. Can you shed some light on this issue for me?  I am very stressed about it and it is causing me a lot of anxiety and anger. Is this karma I have brought onto myself? Can I trust these people who were supposed to be friends to do the right thing?  I am really confused. Do I go after them with legal means? Or do I finally let it go and forget?”

Dearest one, I want you to see yourself right now.  You do not even know yourself.  You are a being of light and love.  And you are seeking love and acceptance.  And, you gave that that you could not give, as if a part of your heart.  Separate from this.  See who you are: an amazing being.   If, in that gift, you have learned and grown then you have received what you will from them.  Is that a bitter pill, or is it great growth?  Dearest one, you are more spiritual than any you have ever given money to.  You are more enlightened than most of the beings you have give enlightenment to.

Would you please look upon your own image and know who you are?  Cling not to past decisions.  Accept what is, accept the learning you needed and honour yourself for that.  That pain still holds you back to a time of disappointment.  But it is not about what they didn’t do, it is what you didn’t do.   Release yourself my blessed one for you have much to do.  Perhaps you need to celebrate, right now, who you are.  Celebrate how magnificent you are and how you need only to seek your own truth.  For you are more evolved than all that surround you.  Trust in this my child and be at peace.

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  1. staccato.legato April 30, 2010 at 11:00 am - Reply

    Hi Joanna, Donna and Spirit,I had a question. I feel as though I have a lot of difficulty being interested in people. In other words, I’m a bit anti-social, although I really don’t want to be. What can I do to not dislike people so much? Sometimes I feel very good about being around others, but it nevers seems to last very long and people often comment that I am too much of a loner or too quiet. Can you give me some advice as to how i might be able to socialize more freely without feeling like I’m forcing myself? Thank you so much!Lola

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