Question about extending love and being attacked

Funtastic commented on the post, “In regard to the “Perspective on Events in the USA.” She or he writes, “The guides say:  And some

[the ancient ones i.e. Martin Luther King perhaps as an example] will be hurt again because new souls do not understand about growth. And often when one shines very brightly these new souls will attack instead of listen.”
But later in the same post the guides say: “Love the beings that are in fear—and only love will return to you, my dear. For all beings, if they extend only love that is all that will return to them.”
There is a contradiction because those who have loved have been hurt. It is not true that only love will return to you if you only extend love. Even Jesus the Christ himself was murdered because of his great love.So, I want to believe what you say but it needs to be able to stand up to any examples that might refute it. Otherwise, your credibility is affected. This is not an attack but a desire to discern what is and what is not. Thank you. “

She is looking for truth and she must understand that she can only find her truth through her own path.  I cannot speak for the Christ, but I know he felt love.  I know he never blamed any of those and forgave them willingly at his moment of leaving.  You must love all beings, the fearful, the anxious, the attackers and those that wish not to.  It is not only Christ’s teaching you may follow.  There are many of the Christ light: Buddha, Confucius, and others.
These ones of the light are of a vibrational state to be that that they are.  To love. even in moments of great…. well, call it growth; what you might see as a tragedy.  For in that moment where his life’s blood drained from him, he grew and evolved to the state where he no longer needed a physical body to be present in any dimension.  Loving other beings–Is this a test then?  No, it is a vibrational state.  It does not mean you will not have anger.  It does not mean  you will not have fear.  It means, no matter what, you will each grow in your own process, or path, or whatever you might call it.  It means that the very new souls in their exhuberance and their careless ways are to be loved, as are the great and gracious, wonderful teachers that will give all to save the growth of another.  

It is good to ask these questions, my child.  It is good to be confused.  It is good to have times when you do not have answers.  For in those moments, all at once a deep knowing will move through you.  When all that you have been is present and you will know your truth.  That is the state of grace.  That is loving all, judging not, loving all.

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