Joanna:  Funtastic is asking about prayer.  She wrote a very long question about how she relates to the creator.  Did you hear the question when I read it to Jane?

Guide:  I heard her question when she wrote it.

Joanna:  Yes.  I wonder if you could address some of her concerns about God’s unconditional love for man and people who are in need.


Dearest one, you are a very tender beautiful being that has blossomed in the understanding of seeking your own truth and seeking who you be.  But it is not surprising, for those you love have another understanding and in those ties pull and often bind you from time to time.

You answer your own question often by saying: what story do I believe.  When a child is very young they are often told the stories to help them to understand how to be in the world. Think of mankind as it is now having different stories.  These stories were to tell of good and bad.  Though there were certain things were created to create fear, to create control, more political than spirit.  So many of the great books are followed to the rule are written down….  Well, actually my dear, in the beginning they were songs that were sung, stories that were told of the great ones who walked and how they lived. How they were and how they could be, how their path taught them of the great understanding and the power of belief and the knowing of something greater than themselves.

These stories were put down in books and translated many times often losing much of the true essence many times over.  See it as this,  and thank them for writing their stories, and trying to spread what they believed was the truth.  Thank them, but know blessed one that you must take on your truth–for that truly is the lesson that was trying to be taught at that time: that each individual is responsible for their own.  Walk not under another man’s banner but under your own. Think of the great power, mother energy, the giver of energy.  That that you hold within you is the spark of God or whatever name you wish to call it.  That energy is the great teacher within you that has evolved with many experiences.

Whether you believe in previous experiences or not, your path is rich enough to teach you that there are no rules that should limit you to being who you are, that another should not control you through their words.  That you should be. Prayers, meditation, thoughts that are greater than you.  Whether your thoughts are:  please help me or just thank you for helping me to help myself.  Allow them to be, my child.  You are a beautiful light.  See yourself as this. Know that God is and is, and is with you.

Now as to the children, those who suffer, do not judge who suffers more than another.  Do not judge another’s footsteps on their path against yours.  Know that there is learning in this physical world. There will always be learning.  You recognize and see these things for you have travelled in this world before.   You have known this before otherwise it would not be so easy to feel the pain that they feel.

Send your love and light to them. Do what you can to help them to make your being, your choice a positive one. For you know where your vibration is and your choices must measure to it. If you were to turn your back from that pain and feel nothing, that would be a choice less than what you must do for your being.  But at the same time, if you were to do an act of going in and exhausting all of your energy to help others in a path that they much choose themselves–that would be draining yours and not helping your growth.

So my dearest, to learn your balance, your need for your growth–it is as important as it is for them, to find theirs.  Trust that God is with them as with you.  That your path is important as theirs.  And you can and will do what you can to help alleviate suffering, because you have grown you recognize their pain.  And do not expect those that do not see it to feel it, because they are growing where they must be.  This does not mean that your world should be filled with apathy and not caring.  It is right that if you see it to act upon it.  It is where you be on your beautiful path.  As to explaining your truth to many, worry not of this.  Be still.  Hold the love that is in your heart for them, bless them and know that they in turn will find their place of growth.  But join them not in their struggle to fit to words that were ancient.  Seek your own truth dearest.  Know that God is with you.