Perspective on Events in the USA

I want to ask about what’s happening in the world right now. So many words are being thrown around that sway people and make people fearful and give people hope. Many of us are very concerned about the direction things are going—with the American election and collapse of financial institutions. Can you talk about what is going on?

Yes, I understand what it is you ask. It is now–the time of the overturn of souls. So in your world right now there is an imbalance. You have known that it is coming for there was a great growth that occurred, when many middle-aged souls grew rapidly and quickly while in the body. It was a difficult thing; there were many disproportionate illnesses and difficulties but through it great growth occurred. And so now in your beautiful world there are a great number of brand new souls, new to growing and learning, and a very, very large number of ancient beings—old beings, evolved, intensely wise—and not many middle-aged beings.

What do middle-aged beings bring to the physical world? They bring stability. They have grown and learned enough to be great teachers. They have grown and sensed and lived through enough to be great leaders, politicians, doctors. It is the middle-aged beings that truly are the workings of your physical world. They are often the ones that want to do the volunteering, to get their hands in touch with the physical world. Well, right now there are very few of them and they are very over burdened.

And so it is a time when the ancient ones are called forward. And they may have a feeling that things are going backwards, and so they are not eager to move forward into this role of teaching or standing on the pulpit again. For many of them had reason of being tortured and hurt and so they have moved beyond wanting to be in that place. And some will be hurt again because new souls do not understand about growth. And often when one shines very brightly these new souls will attack instead of listen.

And so how does this manifest into the physical world? It manifests itself in those that wish to accumulate great amounts of money—to build big strong houses with no true substructure. And then the top will start to topple. So you will see the tops of many structures toppling—not with buildings falling down…

No, we’re seeing this with financial structures toppling….

Yes. That’s what is happening. As well as in government you are going to see the changing of the guard. And it is a great time of choice. It is a wondrous time of great growth. Not to be frightened, but encouraged…that all beings now have within their grasp choices to be made, to the highest of their ability, to the highest of their evolution. New souls will choose what they must and the ancient ones will choose what they must. And—as will be with growth—that will be the growing. As to telling you what will happen, I cannot.

No, I know. It’s very much up in the air.

Yes. But be not afraid. Be not fearful—for the stability at the bottom will always be there. Your great earth, your physical world, was created for your growth; it will not be gone. Those that have gone too far out on “not-truth” but on just great want will feel that they have nothing underneath them, will feel they are toppling. But they will grow and they will learn. And this is what your physical world is about.

I do understand that. What makes me uncomfortable is the people who work on fear, who create fear and manipulate people through fear.

They are new souls. And I am not judging them as being good or bad. It is an element that they must learn. It is an understanding that they must attain, in order to evolve. As you know, each instance of being human must be understood before you are whole in your understanding—each side—before you can be the One. And you will see many beings learning about fear will be speaking it from the highest. And others that need to learn it will be following them and will be affected by the speaking. But understand the opportunity for growth in that—and that is the greatest gift. If the beings through fear, grow and learn it, the opposite is great strength, great love, great depth.

What I’m seeing in America is a struggle between fear and hope. And I’m hoping… that ‘hope’ will have the greatest power.

And hope is love. Love the beings that are in fear—and only love will return to you, my dear. For all beings, if they extend only love that is all that will return to them. I know you worry about the element of chaos—that too many beings in fear create an energy of chance that can affect the toppling of things, the dissolution of great companies. And that is what they need to learn. And if you love them in their process, you will teach them the greatest thing: that they are love, that they are more powerful than the fear that wants to control them. For they have a choice, and it is only through free will, love, that you are having this choice.

Be the God that you are. Be the energy of light that all beings are. And in this hour of great growth that many ancient beings chose to come to be here in the physical world (they perhaps didn’t realize how much work was involved, but they chose to be here)… Seek them out and they will help you if you feel fearful.

Well there are many people who are working in very positive ways to make this world a better place.

Yes, yes. That is why it is a seesaw, a teeter-totter, back and forth. Right now your world is unbalanced. Bring the many to the light. Help those in fear to grow. Help those new souls to step forward, for it is through fear that they have not grown. And that is why there is an imbalance. Enough for now.

Thank you so much for this perspective.

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  1. Kristine September 25, 2008 at 6:43 pm - Reply

    Wow – such powerful words in uncertain times. This is new territory and no wonder the level of fear.I am feeling the need to stand up and good news is much needed! Joanna, would you please ask what would be the most effective way to share a positive message to the masses? How would one gather or motivate old souls to step forward???

  2. Funtastic February 14, 2010 at 10:35 am - Reply

    In regard to the “Perspective on Events in the USA” post in Sept. 2008, the guides say, “And some [the ancient ones i.e. Martin Luther King perhaps as an example] will be hurt again because new souls do not understand about growth. And often when one shines very brightly these new souls will attack instead of listen.”but later in the same post they say,”Love the beings that are in fear—and only love will return to you, my dear. For all beings, if they extend only love that is all that will return to them.”There is a contradiction because those who have loved have been hurt. It is not true that only love will return to you if you only extend love. Even Jesus the Christ himself was murdered because of his great love.So, I want to believe what you say but it needs to be able to stand up to any examples that might refute it. Otherwise, your credibility is affected. This is not an attack but a desire to discern what is and what is not. Thank you.

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