Doris says she sees herself as a clear and forthright communicator but she feels that people in her life, including her son and daughter, criticize her way of communicating and are asking her to be different than she feels she is. She says she’s worked 20 years to feel she is ok the way she is and she refuses to give up her self. She wants to know what is happening there.

Yes, she is a beautiful being. Tell this blessed one she is good; she is a bright light. What her children and others are asking of her is that she be loving and gentle, that she give to them what they need. And that is her compassion, her love. She cannot do their growth for them but to hear them and support them. They fear that she has changed, that she has moved forward into a domain that is not part of their existence. All beings fear change. It is true when she feels greater than all, she is. And if she wishes to communicate to all then she must channel the energy into an appropriate form for them, that they will hear it and not be afraid of it. To adapt one’s being is not to change one’s being. You would not feed an infant the same food you would feed an adult. Allow them to be fed the nourishment from her, in gentle love. Do not judge them but love them, hear them, understand where they be. Give them room for their choice, for their growth. She knows all of this; this is not new to her. She thought in her way she was doing so. Tell her she is love, to not be afraid to show it, to be gentle. She’s had to fight for a long time; it is not fighting she needs to do now, but being.

I will tell her that. She also asks where she can find a new home that will suit her. She asks “where are her people.”

Her people are very close to her. They are fearful at this time, for they want to support her but do not know how. Allow things to be. Beautiful one put down the armor that you have needed to bring you to here, that you no longer need. Put down the guard that has been wonderful and protecting of you, a great source of your strength. You no longer need it. It is heavy on you. See with eyes of clarity and love. Choose where you want to be encircled by great love that you have already very close to you. Be not afraid. Allow them in. They will not hurt you. They want to love you.

Any information about a home?

If she takes this time to truly hear, to see, to be touched, to not be fighting against the current, she will find the home that she truly desires. She is too busy putting up a shield that took time. I know it had a purpose, it was wondrous, and it helped you to be, to understand who you are—an amazing being. But now it keeps your from that world.
I know. This is a difficult task. We teach you to be strong, to be one with yourself, radiant. And in doing so, often you need to build a wall of protection. But now, to be whole, you need to release that wall. You need to be strong enough to be. You are a blessed being. Be that that you are.

Thank you.