Clf writes, “I would like to thank you for this wonderful website. So many of the messages resonate with me and I feel that I am learning a great deal. I would like to know what the spirits can tell me about RB. Why do I feel the way I do about this person?”

You have known RB in many lifetimes.  You have been comrades in arms; you have been fishermen or fishers as you might call them, and so there is definitely an attraction.  What you really want to know is if there is a promise at hand, which means will something come of this.  At this time, no, not right now.  For there is something very much delicate that cannot be disturbed at this time.  So be patient, dearest.  Patience is something you think you have too much of.  I ask you to be patient.

Joanna’s comment:

Often the guides will not give definite information when there is a promise at hand.  Perhaps there is something that needs to be worked out between two people or choices that need to be made before something else can unfold.  The guides will never give information that will affect choices that people need to make themselves.  Our growth is up to us.