Nancy writes, “Dear guides, I have been having problem with my health.  I feel sick to my stomach like I am going to vomit and my stomach hurts.  Every time I eat my stomach gets very puffy and it hurts. My skin has acne like I never had before. I do not feel comfortable to eat anymore; it even hurts my back.  I used to do hot yoga last year now I do simple yoga and some work out even that does not help. What is going on? Thanks

You are fighting against the flow of your very nature, dearest one.  You are forcing yourself forward in a path that is not comfortable for you.  Your words are not from your truth.  You feel very anxious.  So, it is impossible to eat when a stomach is very tense.  Of course, it would cause swelling and gas and the digestion to be very poor. Your nervous system is on guard.   Your body is trying to tell you it needs to find peace, to relax.  Basically, what I am telling you my child is you are very unhappy.

You are afraid to look at certain places that you be and how you maintain your life.  You are afraid to think that the choices you have made are wrong. There is no such thing as being wrong with a choice if you have grown.  So look at what you have learned, who you be and how you feel.  See how the shoes you perhaps wore years ago don’t fit any more.  It is the natural order of things.  Be not afraid of these things.  Do not be frightened that you are now a different being of a different vibration.  Your thought forms, your desires are different.   Embrace who you are.

First, when you begin to eat make it simple.  Choose things you like to eat, that the flavor is good.  Your mind is caught up with right and wrong and do’s and don’ts.  You are using that instead of your own truth. It is said over and over in your world that you need to love yourself first and then you will love all others and help others in the natural evolution of growth.  Begin with you dearest.  Love yourself.  Do not look to find a band-aid but look deep and you shall heal.