Cheenu writes:    

I just wanted to ask a question. My health is of concern to me. The periodic strain in my forehead and the difficulty to balance myself sometimes is frightening. I have observed its due to stress(ans so is my hives). Although I’m trying not to take stress , somehow the response and my anxiety are automatically triggered and I fail to cope with them. This builds a vicious cycle in me. can you please tell me what’s the reason for my ill health (including my hair).  According to you and how can I overcome it. Will reiki help?

The guide’s response:

Well, there are several things at hand with you, my dear one.  You have had a low grade infection in your sinuses and ear canals which has caused some swelling.  Of course it will cause some balance difficulties, as well as tension.   Of course, you being a very high energy being are prone to a certain amount of anxiety.  Breathing, humming, singing are not only good for your anxiety, but very good for your sinus cavities.

So, laugh my child, sing and be very noisy.  It would be very good for you.  As to your hair, rest, circulation, movement, dance and as you probably know check the thyroid situation, the adrenals.  These are hormones which are very reactive to stress situations. And when you are stressed you hold, as if holding everything back inside.

You want everything to flow freely and so laugh, dance, sing.  Enjoy that that is in your world.  See it with its beauty and amazement.  This is it.  This is an important time for you.  See it.  Witness it.  Celebrate!  Perhaps just have a day of celebrating you.  Bless you.