Overcoming shyness when speaking to one you’re attracted to


Hello, there is someone on my mind whom I am really attracted to, and we got a chance to get back in touch after a long time. I think we had a strong connection and feel like he is somewhat attracted to/intrigued by me too but it could also be part of my wishful thinking. When it comes to relationships, I am so shy that I end up being single for years and would like any insights or guidance on this to see if it is possible to make it work romantically, it would be much appreciated.  

signed, Bee

Dear one, you just want to be cherished. You are so filled with anxiety that you are hardly breathing. This is sensed by others and thus they draw away because you are so discomfited by the presence of someone you like.  So… how to be?

Firstly, my dearest one, begin by having non-judgment of yourself or the being you wish to speak to.  Do not assume what they are thinking or saying, and do not project yourself outside of just being in the light and the happiness that the two share. Hear the words. Give time and love and energy around the listening and the returning of words. Don’t be thinking of what to say, instead of what did, what was, what has been said.

See the words for what they be. Watch the person speaking them to you. Are they comfortable? Or are they anguished? Make them comfortable. Open your heart to them. Surround them with light and love. Comforting thoughts coming from you will only open their heart towards you.

Ah, dearest one, a life’s path is not a romance novel. Those things are created to titillate and excite and I guess to make money.  A life’s path is full of greetings, of hellos and goodbyes. Some have great meaning; all have some meaning. None are worthy or not worthy. So judge them not so harshly, my dear.

I suppose the best thing for you to address is your loneliness. It’s not that you are single and have an open space to be filled by anyone. You need to think of yourself as the most wonderful perfume, that added to the right life in the right way brings only joy. That you give much more than you take. But be willing to take. Be willing to open your heart and let them see who you be. Just who you be is perfect. You don’t have to be terribly interesting; in fact you may even think you’re not interesting, but you have an essence that is joyful and wondrous. And there are beings who will love you, my dear.

The being you refer to has many difficulties. You know that you do not want to play second fiddle.  You want to be the light and the wonder of who you are, and to shine in another being’s eyes. So begin, my dearest, by believing in yourself, and in the love that you be and that you have to offer. Know that you needn’t change, but just simply radiate.

When you exchange time with a being that you find most wondrous, be joyful. No, not filling every second with words.  A beautiful grin is a wonderful thing. The crinkling of eyes, the crinkling of a nose in a grin says a lot more than any words. It’s not wholly and completely up to you. Trust. Trust in the magic of attraction.  Be the love in your life and it shall be.

Bless you my child.

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