Overcoming negativity by sending love

Violet writes:

Hello.  Conversations with my mother tend to give me a headache; sometimes a stomach ache. Sometimes I wish to not talk to her ever again.  Why is this?  I feel guilty about this but it is truth.  Does she really believe she is better and smarter than everyone?  She is smart but so brash.  She preaches deep compassion but this is contrary to her constant disapproval and inadequacy of most beings.  I have no idea what to do with her. Dear guides do you have any advice?

The guide responds:

You do not have to do anything, my dearest one.  You are responsible for your path and she for hers.  Do you understand that much of her bravado is because she does not feel loved?  The pain is just as yours is, for you do not feel loved.  You want to be seen, to be heard and she does too.  Many times those that need to make such statements do so because they do not feel it is within.  Those that are often the quietest, are always there for you.

Seek for yourself the parent that lies within blessed one.  For now is the time to call upon that, the great wisdom that you’ve always had.   You have always known that you have mothered this one in another time.  And it is true and this display at this time is very frustrating for you.  Do not give up.  Love from a distance.  Pour the love outside of you, through you to that one, but hold her not to reinforce your being.  When you stand with this one and you feel this negativity it is because you are taking on her negativity.  So reverse the energies to her, the love that you have, that you are willing to stand and be the light and flow it through you to her and watch how she becomes still and in that second grow and to just be.  Be that that she is, as you will be that that you are. It doesn’t mean words, it doesn’t mean physical explanations.  It is love, both needing it.  You perhaps being the strongest to bring it through.  You are a wise and wonderful being.  You always have been.  Be, my child, for you are love.

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