Opening your energies and feeling others pain

Nighthawkcof writes:

Not sure how to put this.  My main problem in the last while has been that I actually feel what she feels; like if she is upset.. I feel it. I know I do that with other people too but not to the degree it has been here. I am kind of getting the feeling I may be an empath and just want to know if that is the case. I would help a lot and would explain a lot of things in my life.  Could you please give me some guidance on mthis path.

The guide responds:

You have grown blessed one.  You have moved into an understanding of openness, allowing each being to breathe and to be that that they need, responsible for their own path, as you are for yours.  In doing so, and in taking these steps, you see not only your growth in others but their growth as well.  You see and feel their pain, for you are open.  You have not feared the pain that you so deeply feel.  You identify the loneliness in others, for you feel it within your own being–but you are not afraid of it.  You trust that there will be for you love again.  Do not use one word to limit that that you are, for you are greater than a word.  You have become very wide in your energy.  This means that you stretch far beyond your physical being.  So, in doing so, you might be somewhat exhausted by being in large numbers.  So remember to close the circle around you, to hold close the love for your own being so that you don’t become drained and lost in the energies of others. The purpose of this new opening for you is not yet to be disclosed.  But you know you are in a direction of wholeness, balance and goodness.  Trust, blessed one.  You are a wise, wonderful being.

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