Opening up of the senses

“Anonymous” writes: Hi,  I am experiencing scent, such as cigar smoke and aftershave, stenchy smells one day; then it will be flowers and the smell of spring another day, it literally is alternate days. Also feeling like someone is actually breathing on me, like standing right in front my face? It seems no matter how I try I cannot make this go away?

Child, you are a very anxious being.  You hold your heart very tightly. There is so much yet for you to be.  Allow yourself to be free.  You are in truth excited about this scent opening, being.  You want to speak it to the world that you are hearing, feeling.  You fear it.  You fear many things, my dear, gentle one.  Such expectations.  The senses were all around you.  They are all there for all beings.  Through certain understandings in the growth of the being, they limit.  They close down.  And you are beginning to open to all the wonder that is at your fingertips.  Your spirit, your energy is very wise, has experienced many lifetimes.  As to whether you believe this or not, worry not.  Anxiety is strong in your being.  You need to find ways in which to make peace with yourself.

There is part of your conscious mind has accepted a story of your path that is not true.  I don’t if you understand this, my child, but you struggle with the understanding of who you be and what has been in your path.  Your asking and your opening are a beginning.  Do not fear it, do not judge it, do not limit it, not try to write it down or keep any thought of regulations about it.  There is great ease for you my child.  It is in process.

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