Opening to allow another being into your life

Robyn writes:

My name is Robyn. I am a 42 year old woman.  Will I ever met my life partner? Get married, or share my life with a man?  I appreciate that you are helping people in this way.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you have been very focused by being strong and individual and have not even noticed the many that have been on your path and would love to be part of it.  Yes, you’ve had a few but have always been disappointed and felt more powerful than them.  Dearest one, look all around and lift up your eyes to see the distance and that that is present with  you and welcome into your life a gentle love, a being.  There are many that would choose to be with you, but you have been very much not willing, believe this or not, dearest one, concentrating on being.  But you have very much succeeded and in many ways you are very comfortable with your own being and feel that now being with another is what you would like.  So be it, my child.  I ask you to open your heart and draw in a gentle being that will love you and allow you to be to fall into a soft place of security.  Know that you do not always have to be the strong one, that there will be someone to help you and you will balance.  Yes my child, this can be, but you must choose it.  You must be willing to go forward, seeing, healing, listening, opening to all who come into your circle.  Does this mean a change in your being? No.  It means allowing others to seek. This might be difficult, but not impossible.  Love my child and it shall be.

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