Chanti writes:

Dear guides,

I have decided to put my condo on the Market in March. I tried to sell it last year for 3 months but no luck.I was discouraged because I have this dream of what I want to do after selling so  my dream had to be put aside for a while. Now I feel in my heart this is the right time to move away from my condo and move on for my next step. I was wondering if my instinct is right for selling my condo and starting a new chapter in my life. I am so looking forward to my new life.  I feel confident and want to know if this time it will be easy to sell my condo? I would like some guidance please.  Thank you for all your help.

The guide’s response:

Don’t be surprised, dearest one, if you have not taken actions to somewhat limit your actions.  You have put out an anchor to hold you still for you did not know which way your boat would go, dearest one and you feared to be cut adrift.  And yet there is a free beautiful spirit within you that wants to drift, to experience your world, your life, to taste its sweetness in all manner of form.  You dwell in a time that you chose that has some obstacles for growth, for you.  So, do not battle against it, dearest one.  Place your home to be sold, but understand that there lies the growth of others too in this.  So open it and welcome all that is for you to learn.  Welcome it to you. And it will open and you shall grow.  And your sails will move you. Trust my child and all will be well.