On promises with siblings and mothers


Often times they are promises between the two. So they are tasks of learning and growth. And always they are different. You do not have the same promises with one as with another sibling.

I’ve heard that the position in the family can be pivotal in how people go through their life.

It’s true, of course, that position in the family would affect one. It’s part of that attitude or energy. If there are already a multitude of beings present in the family that you arrive in, you are going to have a completely different outlook as you evolve.  But if you are the first one to step upon the scene and you are anointed   ability to make or unmake the lives of the parents, what a different responsibility that is!

And perhaps if you slipped in to the middle, and you knew that you weren’t the most exceptional in the first position, nor do you carry the weight of the baby being the most adored, perhaps in the middle you might be the one who sees how to make balance, how to go under the radar, how to figure out the pluses and the negatives of the family much more quickly than anyone else.

It is true, the position has a lot to do with it but mostly, the most important thing is the issues and the energy and the promises that you have come in to grow and learn. Many of them are not materialized until almost adulthood. That’s why you will see the greatest fights among siblings and families when you are an adult. It wont’ be when you are children.  For then you are still very immersed in that energy or attitude of the parents and the family vibration.

As soon as your head comes above the water, you identify yourself with who you be. You are a separate entity and you will take up arms against one that has been bothering you for a long time.

Great learning for us.

Yes, but often times many of these promises are so close to the heart. The emotions are the ones that carry the growth. And it’s hard to be in your head and separate from the issues and emotions to see clearly what is happening–that they simply need love, and to be seen and heard.

The most important being in your life from the early beginning until almost adulthood is the mother. She gives you life and nurturing. Well, at least should,  But you will see many where it wasn’t that way and it causes many distortions, not necessarily anything to do with the promises at hand. For often the promises with the mother are life-and-death ones. They are very clear and offer amazing growth, but not ones that you work out with great difficulty.

Except in some cases where there is failure to grow forward. That is the greatest frustration between mother and child—failure to grow. It can be on the mother’s part. It doesn’t necessarily be the child’s growth.Bless you all for your great love.

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