On new souls and politicians

Opening Mind writes:

Your comment about “new souls often needing fancy gadgets” raises a question I have pondered in reading this site: How can you tell if you are a new or an old soul or if others are? Does it matter? Are the challenges and learnings different depending on the age of one’s sou? Or do we all have to essentially learn the same thing? You have said at times “at lot of new souls are coming through” now. Why is that and where are they coming from? How can you tell if you are one of them? (Sorry for bombarding you with questions! I am curious and eager to learn more.)


Bless you for your eagerness and your curiosity, for it is a true beginning, a place to grow.  There are a great many new souls present in your world right now, for a great number of the very evolved ones have moved on.  Thus the need for the influx, the balance.  There always must be a certain amount here.  And no, you haven’t got the full quota yet.  But when a large number moved forward to the sphere of …well, very close to where I be, it left room for new and wondrous ones to come in.  It created a certain imbalance present in your world, but it is something that can be, and can be lived through.

Whether a soul is old or new isn’t important to a being such as myself.  But perhaps in your world it could be a new form of… well, bigotry I suppose…or judgment.  But know that all are equal in the eyes of wonder and love; that all must grow and all must experience growth.  Every manner of understanding in the human condition, everything needed to learn with having a body, must be experienced by your soul, your energy, your being.  Evolved beings, ones that have lived many lifetimes will chose promises in areas they are deficient in, keeping their vibrational code balanced.  New beings are just so exuberant and willing to learn all and they will have wildly busy lifetimes, dipping only slightly into each thing, never really becoming too entrenched in any one understanding.

New souls love to lead the pack, but be careful as to where they’re leading it  because they may not know what the outcome should be, or even care as to what it is.  They love to make noise; they like to have a whole lot of attention to themselves; they don’t understand why not.  Don’t sit in judgment of them.  Just know that there are some very ancient sages among you and some shiny new pennies and–all are wondrous.  And all for a purpose.  The sages will try to teach the pennies; the pennies will try to outshine the sages.  It will all balance out.


This makes me think about the leader of our country, Canada, who I think is a new soul who has immense power and is taking us in wrong directions. And I don’t know what we can do about it.


By stepping forward, as I have told you before.  Having your voice heard, having your number taken, is the only way to get the attention.  And it is true that many think the same way as you do–but there is also a great number think that he is right.  Many believe that it is only through attaining more money from outside sources that your country will rise.  Your country has risen beautifully through its complete understanding of its environment and its gentle manner.  It does not need to catch up into any world that it never was part of.  This is an unrealistic world that will fall flat.

As you do, as you will, the time will come to change—and he will be voted out.  There are many for him that make a lot of noise, but there are many against him that will be even louder.  Trust, my gentle being.

And by trust, it doesn’t mean sitting quietly complacently by.  Trust means living your truth, knowing what is right, and moving forward.  There are many words are confused in your world right now.  It is not complacency that one trusts that the good will win out.  Live your truth.


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  1. Scooterish June 14, 2012 at 11:02 am - Reply

    Yeah Joanna! I’m with you on this. I wonder if the same holds true for the elections in the States?

  2. lachicdina June 16, 2012 at 7:02 pm - Reply

    Who am I?

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