Kdseeman writes:

Dear Guides, I have a question about guardian angels. I’ve been told by two different psychics that my guardian angel is the archangel Gabriel and my mother was actually told this by another one without even mentioning it. I was wondering if he could really be my guardian angel? I believe that someone is watching over me and I would love it if he was one of them but I’m having trouble with believing that I am special enough to have an archangel guiding me.

The guide’s response:

How can you wonder if you are special enough, blessed one?  You are a being of light, a beautiful part of the universe–creating, multiplying, dividing cells of wisdom and light that will bring forth upon your physical dimension greater growth.  You are special and of course Gabriel is with you and many others.  The physical world will often give the understanding that those beings have greater knowledge than others.  Trust me, dearest one, there is no judgment of one greater than the other.

You are of the utmost importance to Gabriel and to the beings that surround you.  If you wish, you may question why, but you needn’t.  Be; be the light that you are and understand that you do have a promise.  You have come to help, and, of course, you shall be protected.  Do not question your wonder, rejoice in it.  Let others, through your light and love, grow as well. Bless you, my child.