On change and fear of the unknown

An excerpt from a dialogue with a guide about forward movement and change.

You are right to understand that there must be forward movement — growth, change, evolution.  Change is the most constant and wondrous thing on your plane, for it shows that there is growth.  You should always be wary of anyone afraid of change, for they are putting themselves in a very destructive position.

Why is it that for growth to occur things must be difficult?  Why is it not possible for change and growth to happen in a positive way?

Unfortunately the unknown has always been thought of as difficult on your plane.  It cannot fail–even the most exciting and wondrously joyful thing will at some point be considered a hardship:  the birth of a child, the stepping into a new relationship. All of these things can seem so treacherous and terrifying–and yet so joyful and fulfilling.

So it’s our perception?

Yes, it’s your translation of it.


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