Old souls, new souls, and the state of our world


Anna writes:  I would like to learn more about the over-turning of souls. You have used this term on a few occasions. Can you explain in more detail what you mean by this? For example, why would there be an overturning of souls and why at this time? What is the source of these souls? Are these souls more developed or less developed in terms of peace loving desires and attributes?

The guide’s answer:

The word used, “overturn of souls” was to help you have an image as if the tide was turning. To turn a tide takes a great amount of energy, and it creates a certain amount of chaos. What has occurred (and it just simply occurs since the passage of growth amongst the many beings present in your physical domain) is that you have many that were middle aged, so to speak, that evolved very quickly and became matured spiritually. They experienced a maturation of the soul. So the balance became unbalanced, leaving a great gap in the number of middle-aged souls, and a large number of ancient ones and a large number of very new ones.

And so the teeter-totter swings back and forth; where the ancient ones will gain control and then the new ones will gain control. This back-and-forth creates a greater friction that is not normally seen in the physical domain. It will cause more fights, more wars, more struggles, more greatness … and more dreadfulness. Do you see what I mean? The highs and the lows will be much more evident than at any other time. It has happened before. Yes… it has happened before.

Why at this time?

It was a matter of the choice of the beings present in the physical world; it was not up to anyone else. It just occurs. There was an element of chance involved and that is what occurred.

We like to place things in time, so can you tell us how long this has been going on?  A hundred years? Fifty years?

Fifty years.

So, Anna is asking this what is the source of these souls and I think you explained that there is an evolution of souls; that you begin as a new soul….

Yes, and you evolve, with every action and every choice you make. Every element of growth quickens your spirit. To the point that you can no longer be in the physical domain; you are far too hot.

So are the old souls, the matured souls, are they more developed in terms of peace and… ?


Are they stepping forward at this time now? Are they waking up?

That is what has been asked of many, for it is very much needed, for there are not great teachers right now. A new soul is not a good teacher. An old soul is not a good teacher either, but can do it. They are much more willing to allow things to be, to allow things to unfold, instead of having some structure.

What is needed is to have some limitations for new souls to follow. They like structure, they like religion, they like to follow a leader. It makes them feel secure. Unfortunately if they become the leader it can cause a great deal of chaos.

Well I have a feeling we may have quite a number of new souls as leaders right now.


It is chaotic right now.

Yes. New souls do not think about the evolution of things. They think very much of the personal wants. They have not the depth yet. They have not learned it. They do not have empathy and compassion very often. That is the domain of the ancient beings, for they have walked it. They have walked the paths and know what can be.

And so you are present in this time of turmoil. But that it what the overturn is.

So, how long…

It is unknown. It is up to that that is.

So this is the reason we are seeing so many wars happening and political unrest…?


Is part of the lesson of the old souls to step up and take charge?

Some. Most of those will be your very new-birthed beings.

Could you explain that a bit more?

They choose to come into this world to create a difference. That is a different lesson. They are doing something for mankind.

The old souls.

Yes. Those that have recently evolved and are present in this world now are in fact hiding, many of them. They are not wanting the pain of that that is known, not wanting to think of another war, not wanting to be the one having to speak their truth. But it is so very much needed.

The ones that are being born and are growing now, those old souls that have come to your domain already evolved, they will make greater changes, for they have come with a mission, a promise.

You see the old souls that are already present and did that great maturing have given a great amount of energy and perhaps are weary. But they can be drawn forward. For they do know truth when they hear it, and they will step forward, and will speak when called upon.

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  1. Ramona December 16, 2015 at 12:36 am - Reply

    Amazing “stuff”! Thank you.

    All that much more, it makes me want to nurture the gifted-ness of my 4-year old granddaughter whom I’ve been told is a wise old soul.

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