Maurice writes:

Dear guides,  I would like to know if you see 2011 being better for me? This year was hard in every aspect of my life. I see myself drinking more and more and I hate that. Thank you.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you drink to numb, to keep yourself from feeling.  But, in truth, it makes you feel with even more intensity and  in an unbalanced way.  Feel, my dear child.  Do not be afraid to feel the pain that you have experienced.  Know that growth often comes from pain, and that in time you will feel your strength, a deeper, wiser, more vibrant being.   Will the year ahead, the time that lies before you, be more enriched?  Of course it will, dearest, if you understand the growth that is already present and has heightened your vibration.  For if these things come upon your path again, you will approach them with a renewed being, a being of wise, wonderful wisdom.

You say hate with an anger towards yourself at your choice.  To this you must pay attention.  Hate not your being, blessed one.  Understand why you tried to numb the feelings and then choose not to numb, but feel.  Thus you can to experience life, to grow, to be.  When you go for the cup, fill it with love my child.  Drink deep of your physical world and its wonder for it is here for you to grow.