DSC03422I know that difficulties we face are for our growth, but I’m feeling overwhelmed in my life right now.

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That is life, my dear; that is your path. You have a choice to be overwhelmed or not. Know that there will be issues–which create growth. Free will, this is something you come into the world with. And in free will, it keeps you in this physical domain to fulfill your promises. These are tasks of learning that you have chosen. That’s the friction or the irritant that will cause you to move into those realms.

You’ll find if there is a recurring pattern in your path, in your life, that this is something that you need to move into to stop it from recurring. Or if it recurs only a few times, that it because there are different depths of learning that you need to go into to resolve it. You don’t resolve it as in it disappearing, but you absorb the energy and your vibration grows. You become heightened in vibration.

Every life has these things in it dear; none of them is a cakewalk.