Not feeling sad but angry

Nancy   writes:

Dear guides, I am surprised at what you are saying. I am not unhappy and I could tell you I know what unhappy is; I have been there not long ago. I am not afraid of eating and I do enjoy my food if I can. As for loving myself, well it is a long life struggle but I am getting there and happy to say so. I am honest with myself and listen to it.  Of course I am afraid of the future and of course I always wonder if any decision I have made in my life was right or wrong.  If you are talking about me going traveling next year and me selling my condo, I am fine with this decision. I am sure to tell you I am not putting a band aid; I would hate myself to do so.
Since I got back last year from my trip to India my life went through a big a difficult change my heart got broken. Now I am still feeling sad but not unhappy.  And I am not looking for any band aid. I am working every day of my life to love myself and I am proud of myself.  After everything I have been through I feel I am standing strong–not always but a stronger baby step.  I feel sad that you think I am not honest with myself and I am sorry to hear sorry to hear it.  I always believed it is important to be honest with yourself first. My apologies, dear guides, if I have shown you a different message. With all my love.

The guide’s response:

Oh blessed one, blessed one, it is known that you are trying in your way and no one has said otherwise.  You asked a question and so the beings around you (your guides) tried very hard to give you keys to unlock that thing that feels like a burden to you.  You’ve had much sadness and frustration on your path. But through it all you have tried to make the best choice and so be it my child.  No one is judging you, except perhaps you.  Seek and you shall find.  If you do not like what you hear then you choose to do what you need to do.  Growth will occur.  This is the ultimate goal, my dearest one.  Love yourself through love and joy, not anger and frustration.  Be the light that you are my child.  There is anger.  I cannot say otherwise, blessed one.  Make peace with your anger and be in the light for you are loved.  There is no need to apologize for you are beautiful. You are perfect in your path.  Yes, perhaps you struggle but it is because you want to do the best.  Blessed one, blessed one, be in peace.

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  1. shawnee25 November 9, 2010 at 9:12 am - Reply

    I am at my wits end and I know of no where else to turn.
    Dearest Guide,
    What is my next step in healing my hand. What can I do to end this pain and return to a normal life.
    Love and Light,

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