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No one can foretell the future; you will draw to you what you need

A guide speaks about premonitions

Can a guide share what exactly premonitions are and how do I identify what is a true premonition from my guide, higher self or source energy? Also, how can premonitions assist us in our growth? Are premonitions a shared experience for all human beings? Thank you for your guidance on this topic.

Dearest one, I want you to take a deep breath and relax. Do not fuss so much about the rules and the regulations and the hows and the whys, but be.

You say premonition, well, what is a premonition? If you already have information about something and then it is all over the place, is that a premonition, or is it just simply that you’ve just decided to focus on it?

The human experience is an amazing thing and within it are many layers: technical, spiritual, and all are important. Now, you want to be very technical, a premonition is a foreseeing of some event that happens in the future which you might think is ahead of you, but it is actually happening now (although I don’t want to get into that statement yet). But it is something that you have what is called clairvoyant, or again there are all sorts of words that just tell you there is something that you receive a message about.

Let me tell you there are beings that walk around for years and years and are filled with fear that something awful is going to happen and eventually something awful happens and they say: I had a premonition. That’s not it at all. The fact is you have lived in fear and have drawn it to you, so that is not a premonition.

Blessed one, I want you to just relax. If you have a hunch, a feeling, a sense, that is what you want to call it, and they are usually always very positive. It can be as small as simply, well, I thought about a friend this morning and then they phoned. Yes, you were on the same wavelength and so be it.

Don’t dissect and worry and work at trying to achieve certain levels of evolution. Evolve as you see fit, my blessed one. You are an amazing being. You worry far too much about being a spiritual being instead of knowing that you are an amazing one. You’ve had some struggles, there is no doubt about it. But they have made you who you are, an amazing being, because you have embraced most things.

Bless you my child and don’t worry about premonitions. No one can foretell the future. You will draw to you what you need and if you understand certain things about certain parts of life, the chance is that these things will come together. But those that sit and fuss about earthquakes, or devastation, are really telling their universe to provide it for them. So believe in the light and love of who you be and all will be well. Bless you my child.



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  1. Joseph M Gronka March 19, 2016 at 7:45 am - Reply

    Hi, I disagree with your statement about premonitions. I say this because of personal experience. Presently I am 77 yo going on 20. As a child and adult I have drawn , in the case of a child, future automobiles.Only a year or two but future for sure. I was 9yo the first time and the following year. My drawings appeared in advertisements for the cars. There was no doubt that these were same as my drawings, compared to aspect and features.

    Then as an adult, I drew a picture of a top secret submarine. I am not a nautical engineer although I was in the navy at the time. My knowledge of submarines was limited to their detection. My watch supervisor asked me for the picture. He was a submariner. The drawing was accompanied by a complete description of the propulsion system. With in 4 months that drawing appeared on the cover of a top secret publication from Scripps Inst. a navy research publication. This is a true story. In each of these cases I just began the drawings. They turned out as they did. No intention of anything but cars and a submarine. That was all that I knew. I have no proof of what I am writing here. Just honesty. Today I am a retired Dentist with many stories from life experiences.

    Joseph M. Gronka, BSEd, DDS, MAGD

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