New Year’s Message

Heartfelt wishes to all our readers for a peaceful and balanced new year, filled with love and clarity. We are so grateful for your interest in the words of the spirit guides. 

In recent months we’ve been presenting your questions to the guides and posting the answers here and we will continue doing this.  As of January 1st we will be returning to our charge of $25 per question. Please look at the sidebar for details on how to pay and post.


New Year’s Message from the Spirit Guide

Time is that amazing elixir in which all possibilities of your promises can unfold. It is good to stop and mark a place in time, to revisit who you are and what you have done, how you have grown and evolved.

See it not as a burden against you but as something that helps you to put it in process. See that that was not as gone, but now as part of you, still in your being.

Celebrate. It is good to find joy in the belief of a new beginning.

Make each day an opportunity to be the best you can be.

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