Experienced much grief and loss and seeking healing


I feel like I’ve had so much grief and loss in my life.  And I feel like I am just starting to shift it to some degree and I would really appreciate some insight or encouragement.

Yes, you have done beautifully.  You have held strong to the love and the belief and the truth of who you be.  Encouragement, you know that you have done well.  Some of the actions toward you were not necessary and were very hurtful.  But some, you willingly wanted to be present, to help.

Encouragement, my dear, is to know that you are doing a beautiful, beautiful path, that you have never complained, that you have embraced it and loved all beings, even when that has not been returned to you.

Healing in your world is bandied about as some sort of, well, substance that you slather on a wound and you can walk away and be fine.  In truth, if you understand what healing means, you absorb all that that has occurred. That is how you learn from it. It becomes part of you; you don’t separate from it and forget it.

And when it totally is part of you, the pain is not as strong, and it gives you wisdom when you recognize that pain again in another person.  And because you have walked with so much sadness and pain, others are attracted to you with their sadness and their pain because you know it, you have a common energy.

So, don’t be surprised that there are times when you think enough, I’ve had too much of this!  It is because your light radiates that.  It is up to you to draw it into the light to make it a happier, a higher energy.  Do I ask too much?  No, not of you.  You can indeed heal.  Bless you. Bless you all.

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