Hi, my name is Juliana, I’m 24 years old  and I’m from Brazil. I lost a cousin in 2004 in a car accident on the day of her wedding. It was a total tragedy, and even though she probably didn’t know it, she was someone I looked up to quite often. She was amazing and full of life, and lightened up every room she walked into. She made me someone better and for that I’m so very grateful. I would like to know if she has anything she would like to tell me, some kind of advice or guidance. and I would like her to know that every time I play her song in the piano, I play it for her! I know she is very special and evolved, and thats why she left us so early, when she was just 23.


The guide responds:

Dearest one, there is no set time amount for the shock of losing one so dear to you.  It opened many parts of your being and in some ways made you very afraid.  This blessed being had this complete.  It is hard to understand that it was complete. You need to understand is that it is love you need.  The body might be relieved of its place in the physical world but the spirit continues.

This blessed being is still close and can hear all words that you direct to her.  So speak your love, release your loss, your pain and know that this one continues to grow and evolve, even though the body is no longer needed.  The terrible trauma and shock to you created a great difficulty for you. And you have never truly addressed your need to heal.  Bless your being my child.

As to messages, you know the message from this one would be to laugh, to dance, to find joy there for you, to continue on your path where you have many things yet to do. There will be a time again when you will rejoice, but not for a long time yet.  But know that this one grows. Also, understand the more you stay in that place of trauma and pain that happened years ago, you are holding that spirit of Juliana to that place.

You see, when one dwells in the time of great learning which is the time between lives, or what you might think of as after death, or transformation, one sees and understands the whole of one’s life or path.  Where there is trauma, or a time of deep sadness, it holds the person to their prison until love and light is replaced by the terrible trauma. So embrace the love that this one brought and taught.

Embrace the love of who you are and how you felt for this one.  Heal yourself and know that there is much at hand for you and that one does.  Fear not, blessed child, for there is great happiness and joy for you.