Funtastic writes:

Hello ladies and guides,  I have avoided bringing a child into this world for fear that I would not be able to properly raise  a child due to the problems I have had to struggle with. I wanted to make sure I had achieved stability emotionally, financially, and socially beforehand. I would like to have a significant other in my life for the rest of my life and hopefully be able, ready, and confident to bring a child into this world.  How can I make this a reality or is my path different given where I stand in my life now?

The guide’s response:

There is nothing different about your path; it is yours.  You’ve put  your healing and many of your tasks of learning as hurdles on your path.  And you have jumped over, achieved, moved forward with much and you are truly a blessed being.  You see the whole area of your being as a work in progress, and this is good.  You are a very different being now, than before you began your realization of how much control you had and of your responsibility for your own growth.

And although many have created growth for you (or shall I say created pain for you, and you have overcome much of this), you still are a little bit dragging it with you.  But, remember, you do not erase that that was.  You put it in to a part of you that enhances you and makes you stronger and moves forward.  It doesn’t mean you accept that that was but you understand it and are willing to forgive and grow. And do not think that forgiveness is for someone else, but for your own being.

So, there are no hurdles in front of you now.  There is wide-open light and love and peace and so put in there whatever you want, my dear.  You want love, you want children; so be it.  I will tell you that what you have been avoiding is still there.  The conception takes place long before the physical conception.  So, if you choose it, it can be.  As to loving a partner, you have been quite choosy.  It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be choosy but it means it may be time to release the limits, my dear.  Allow an amazing being come into your life and let them be who they are different and wonderful just as you are. You like that about yourself and you will like that about the being who is coming to you.