Moving from the west coast to the east coast

University boundKerry – Our daughter seems drawn to Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia, at least for her first year. 

We have the option of renting the house for the next year and seeing next spring if we still need to sell.  Or is it best to actively focus on selling now and making a more complete move to the east coast?  I am asking for guidance about this move and the best way to proceed.

Blessed one, there is an entity here who wishes to speak.

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(A different male guide comes through)

Well my dear, firstly I want to say how wonderfully you’re doing. You’ve had a difficult time and I understand it. And it would be good to be back on the East Coast. Of course as you know, I am very partial to the east coast of this land.

Yes, it is a good time to sell your house and get on with it and move and rid yourself of a lot of different things. But don’t initially invest again. Just let yourself float for a bit my dear. You’ve been weighed down a great deal and it’s time to just enjoy a little bit more.

Oh, of course you’re going to go with your daughter. You would go to the ends of the earth with this child, would you not? And you’re not going to just allow simple communication; you have to see this one, as you always knew you would have to.

Oh, am I speaking too much? Forgive me. I just needed to have a good hello to you. As you know, I can’t telephone you now. I love you, my dear.


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