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Nighthawkcof asked a question a few weeks ago about a long distance relationship.  He writes, “Since then things have changed and I am at a loss.  I feel that this relationship is fading before my eyes and I could use some advice. I love this woman with all my heart and I think she loves me.  We have caused each other great pain and I am hoping we can heal and make this right. If you could offer some advice (and yes I know we both know we need to at some point turn this into something real) but advice on how we can heal, how we can get to that point where we both are ready to accept each other or to a point where we part.

I have reached a point where I just want the pain to stop and where I have the feeling that the pain is too much to deal with anymore. I think I really need help here.

Oh dearest one, you want very much to hear from her how much love that is there for you.  You are trying to put your desires on to someone else who is not there yet.  This needs to be understood, dearest.  These are not dying embers.  They are asking for you to be releasing, to allow the being to grow, to experience that that is needed, but fearful to ask it.  It has been said that if you love a being enough you will release them to do that that they need to do.  Do you love yourself enough to release this one so that you can do what you need to do?

I know this is not easy for you.  But in many ways, you have avoided other amazing beings that have come close to you, by holding yourself back.  And so put down that shield and allow yourself to experience this love.

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