CF writes, “For the past year or so, I felt stuck. But I now find that although I made no changes I feel quite content and optimistic. There are a lot of things going on around me and with people that are close to me that my human conditioning tells me I should worry about and yet I feel that everything is going to be abundant and wonderful. Can you explain what is happening.
Also, does my little one know how much I love him?

Yes, blessed one, you have grown. You have moved forward on your path and that trust and knowing is deep within you.  At first, when growth is at hand the vibrations can often feel uncomfortable.  But you have taken steps, although you may feel they were not so. It is often, after the fact, that it feels this way.  Regarding the people around you, it is true, you can only be responsible for yourself, your actions and your choices. Trust, that they all will do what they must do to complete and fulfill their paths.  And, as far as the little one, everyone knows that you are filled with love and light.   Be at peace little one.