Zarah writes, ” I would like to know if I am coming to a plateau in my mountain and if not how can I make this happen? Or should I prepare for more vertical terrain? I am ready to learn without such a steep climb. Thank you and much love.”

Dearest one, the life path of an evolved being is often all uphill.  I don’t want to disappoint you, but it is often the case.  Naturally, if you turn around and look down that mountain, you will see that it actually was quite a beautiful path. Many that you touched, honour you.  Know that many, many look at you as a leader on a path to the light.  Plateaus–there have been many actually.  But, perhaps they just were not big enough for you.  Dearest one, your life path is about growing, opportunities to grow, to live, to move forward. You know yourself.   You know very well, all is good.  Even though there is good and bad, all is good. Love yourself my child.  Take more time to dance on the plateau.  Perhaps if you pay more attention to that time, you will get to stay there longer.  You are loved.