Mother energy

GalaxyThis message is a continuation of the conversation posted below with the same guide.

When we have learned every part of everything here, then want?

Then you become an entity (spirit guide) to help others.  Your vibration will be at a state where you cannot return to this dimension so you then will help the dimension that you can be in and help those.  And you will grow and learn in this way.

And then what?

There are other dimensions that you can be until you become the very essence of Mother energy and you become Mother energy.

Have you ever heard of Omega?  The splitting of the atom, the explosion of God, the energy, the essence.  It is not anything that can be said in this physical world that can truly explain the Mother energy.

When we leave our bodies this time, when we die, do we experience reuniting with that or is there something else?

There is great light because in our dimension you see Mother energy as much clearer.  Because there are things you must learn in your dimension, you are contained in this beautiful body, this tool with which to learn from.  You cannot see the light completely when you are in a body.

And when you leave it, yes, you will experience Mother energy.  It is important though to stay in the body and complete your tasks, your promises.

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