This is a continuation of the the conversation about money.  Another guide came through (the one we call the Professor) and here is what he had to say:

It is true there are many elements of this that you will experience as an  emotional state.  Well, one of the reasons of the great financial difficulty is right now is because of the overturn of souls.  It is the climactic point where everybody will be using whatever too they think they must cling to at this time of the great flare.  It has a lot to do with the solar situation as well, that you are experiencing.  What is your phrase I have heard “the perfect storm?  All things coming together at the same time.  So, you are going to see great financial collapse because it is not something that can be used as a strength at this time.

That sounds scary

It needn’t be.

So when the previous guide said about the cloak blowing away, is that the reference?

Yes, those who have spent their entire path just seeking something that is not of their own growth, but just simply to attain a certain height.  It does not have roots, money.  It is for the purpose of exchange.  It actually should carry an emotion with it, but often does not.   And those that have attained great large amounts of it will often find and the end of their path when it is time to choose whether they have done their promises, or growth, they will see it a vault and not where they want to be.

But if we help and we ask for directions?

It shall be there.  It is as needed for you as is the air you breathe to sustain the body, the water you drink to sustain the life.  It is needed to have a form to exchange to give something that will carry your intention on.  Not too different than handing a person you cared for a cup of liquid.  Money has no persona.  It is the emotion and the love or the lack of or the fear that carries it that you have created and have put on it.  I know it is hard to understand because you see it as the one thing that makes everything move. That is the point of this whole school room.

Sometimes we feel guilt about wanting to have money.

Oh, you needn’t. That is a waste of energy.  You should have what you need so that you can do what you’ve come to do.  It isn’t important for you to be poor.  It isn’t important for you to be rich.  It is important for you to have the processes in place so that you can do the work that you have come to do.