Money is a tool

P – A year ago I invested in a foreign currency with the hope that it will revalue soon. Do you see this happening in the next two months?

You were unsure when you invested in something that did not have a heartbeat.   You were unsure when you put forth your trust into something with so many variables.  Investments, my dear, for you, should be thought through very carefully.  For that that you put your hard earned money, or your care and attention, or your love and intent, has the ability to grow, to speak, to radiate from that that you give it.  If you invest in stone, know that the stone can only be made better by something that occurs to it, at the hands of others whether it be a beautiful carved figure or a brick.  Your world right now looks to many ways in which to multiply the exchange. The truest, greatest way to multiply your intent of your love is for it to be close to you, for one you love, or one you see and hear and want to help.  For then it shall return to you ten fold.  I know you want a financial statement.  Blessed one, money is a tool. You have used it to learn something.  Have you learned?

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