Memory through the emotions and senses

SWIM asks about the way her memory works.  She says:  It feels natural.  When I’m asked to recall information I remember how it made me feel.  It serves me well and I wonder why I’ve never met anyone else who seems to memorize things this way.

The guide’s response:

There are others dearest one, but it’s certainly not something one brings up in the beginning of a conversation, of course.

Your physical being works this way, for you actually had some traumatic experiences before there was the ability to speak.  And the conscious mind absorbed the physical feelings, the emotional, the senses, the smell, the touch.  And so that is what became the strongest part, to put things into memory logs, as if to say your mind is like a computer.  In truth, dearest one, yours is very in touch with your spirit and you grow beautifully each day.  It doesn’t matter if there are others like you.  There is you and you are very unique and special.  Bless you my child.

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  1. SWIM January 31, 2011 at 3:15 pm - Reply

    I am very intrigued by your response or maybe I should say amazed. Intrigued and inadvertently challanged by the fact I was present for something which I cannot remember. (Thanks, LOL, that should keep me busy for a bit!!!) I am sitting here in complete shock over you saying my mind is like a computer. That was so simple….yet it sums it all up rather well!!! (Of course there are home computers and then there are the computers that control the power grids of North America…. everyone would fall in there somewhere) But I like the reference. Now I have a mental picture of me standing behind a desk, being handed envelope after envelope with which I don’t have the time to take back to the file warehouse myself….fortunatly there is an army of librarians on the other side of the curtain working feverishly ….. blah blah blah…… lol…mental pictures…gotta love um!!!……. Anyway, I love what you do for people and so very much appreciate you letting me be a part of that. I suppose I am forever in search of someone that really knows me! I have only crossed paths with one person in my time that I honestly knew was cut from the same mold, so to speak, as myself. There was never a dull moment even in just observing others… LOL… …….wow…. am I rambling or what…. LOL…opps!!! Thanks again……..(runs of stage a bit red faced)

  2. SWIM February 1, 2011 at 3:31 pm - Reply

    Around Christmas of 2010 I began learning more about meditation. I wasn’t surprised when I when I realized that I had been doing so for years but not at a set schedule or even daily for that matter. I didn’t try putting a name to it, I just knew it gave me a good feeling and it was mine. By that I mean, I didn’t know anything about meditation back when I did this. I didn’t know there were people everywhere focusing on this ability. Now, my question is this…… The way that I reached this “state” back when I started doing this was SOOOOO much different than what I have since learned to be the “correct” way to meditate. I didn’t know back then about being surrounded by the light and such. But it came so easy the way I taught myself back then….but now that I seek to fill and surround myself with light, I am having trouble even getting beyond the backs of my eyelids. I so very badly want to do this for myself. … Please help. I’ve asked God to send me a jumpstart of sorts. And I think my spirit guide is off eating popcorn and watching a movie because he/she isn’t used to hearing from me directly!!! Send Help Soon!!!!

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