SWIM asks about the way her memory works.  She says:  It feels natural.  When I’m asked to recall information I remember how it made me feel.  It serves me well and I wonder why I’ve never met anyone else who seems to memorize things this way.

The guide’s response:

There are others dearest one, but it’s certainly not something one brings up in the beginning of a conversation, of course.

Your physical being works this way, for you actually had some traumatic experiences before there was the ability to speak.  And the conscious mind absorbed the physical feelings, the emotional, the senses, the smell, the touch.  And so that is what became the strongest part, to put things into memory logs, as if to say your mind is like a computer.  In truth, dearest one, yours is very in touch with your spirit and you grow beautifully each day.  It doesn’t matter if there are others like you.  There is you and you are very unique and special.  Bless you my child.