Galaxy girl writes:

Would you please tell me a little more about a connection to one of my teachers of my early days. Any information or deeper understanding to our relationship that you can reveal to me that would help me now would be wonderful. At times I feel a very strong presence like he is close to me.  Is there anything specific you would tell me about reconnecting, words, or visuals to awaken those memories? Thanks and love.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, you behold your world with such beauty and grace.  You see teachers and elements of growth in all things.  You are truly an amazing being.  Yes, many teachers come and be present with you in ways of thanking you, and to bring back little elements of growth that may present themselves again, that had to do with their presence in your path.

To awaken memories is not something you should push your being to do.  Know that they lie there within, vibrating at a rate that is constant with your being, present always.  So allow this to be for they are part of you. And know that certain parts that come back are to remind you of that that is about to be again.  The circle returned to the place of growth again.

Blessed one, you have great creativity within you, the ability to hold a hand without fear, to step into the unknown.  You do very well, my child.  Worry not about awakening any part of you–but know that all of you is present in your growth and in your blessed life, which you see as your path.