Maurice  writes:

Dear freinds, I will have been single for four years.  I try to find someone but, with no luck. I have so much love to give, but my love is turning into hate. Do yu think it will be wise to look for someone in another town? Thanks.

The guide’s response:

Oh my dear Maurice, love does not turn into hate.  You are frustrated and you just need to take a deep breath and realize there are many around you that would love to love you–but you have to allow them to grow, to move and to be close to you.  You cannot demand it, my dearest one.  You must radiate the beauty from within; ask no questions and demand no answers.  Just simply be.  Be, my dearest.  As to moving to another town, you have not covered every inch of your town.  Do not worry about that.  If you need to go there, it does not matter.  You shall meet the love of your life in the most unexpected way.  And do not think this being needs to fit a certain criteria.  You will be very surprised who will lift your heart and make you joyful again.  Be that that you are, always good, my dearest.