Meet the eyes of others and be present in their light

Maurice writes:

Dear friends! I don’t know what to do.  I’m very depressed. I’m almost 50 years old, no job, no money, no love life. I wonder what I did to deserve that? I’ve always been there for others always tried to help them. Always learned in my life since I was young… do those things and “God” will help you. ???  Well I’m probably not on his list. Only hope that, my time is near, I’m tired of that life. We heard about hell! Well “hell” is on earth and not on the other side.

The Guide’s response:

Blessed one, put down the list and stand in the light of the love.  Walk in your world.  See others.  So many are feeling what you are feeling, that they have become separated from the light and love.

Ancient beings feel very cut off.  So you must go out in your world and speak and find others, touch them, see them, and be part of this world. Dwelling in the body makes you feel very separated from the light and the love.  You have not chosen many great difficulties on your path.  You are much greater than all of this.

You are frustrated and want it now.  It can be now.  Go out and choose the love, adorn them with your light, your presence, give to them some of the wonder that you have within you–and see them grow in it and understand who you be.

You say why is it not there for me?  It is.  Take it. Take the love that is there for you.  Have not conditions on it.  Have not expectations.  Meet the eyes of others and be present in their light.  It is all around you blessed one.  Do not close yourself off.  Do not make your life a prison cell.

You have done well.  Take that that is there for you.  Others wish to give to you. Do not have conditions on it.  Stand amidst crowds and love them.  Look into their eyes and see them and you will see the love that is there for you.  Go forth. Be the light that you are.  Bless you my child.

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