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Funtastic – Greetings guides and helpers.  Such a wonderful service that you provide.  I reduce my weight and then I gain it back.  What will enable me to reduce enough weight and permanently maintain that weight?  Also, I stated something that has been on my mind for a long time to a person named Ralphael concerning how he treated my deceased grandmother.  He said he will be coming here.  I do not like feeling afraid of physical harm to me or my property when I speak my mind.  How can I overcome this feeling/fear and know when a threat is serious?  This also happened with S, his sister, and her husband.  I was blindsided by that one.  I feel that her husband was very unfair to me and uncaring about things from my perspective.  I feared them trying to hurt me or my property or accusing me of harassment.  I knew I had not harassed them.  Help me to eliminate such fear and feel ok about speaking up for myself and not allowing a person to mistreat me.  I desire peace always, but that does not mean that I can not speak up for myself or that I have to keep certain thoughts to myself.  Your insight would be appreciated. Thank you.

Firstly, blessed one, you have a beautiful body one that you should cherish and love that it carries you so beautifully.  You created this body to carry you and its wonderful ability to hold you and protect you and provides a beautiful place to learn.  So look upon it with love.  As to the gaining and losing of physical weight, this wanes with the love and
satisfaction of being, that you go from time to time about.  The issues of eating are often those of needing. Needing to be seen, to be loved, to be touched, to be heard.  When your gut, your abdomen has that deep needing, that loneliness feeling, you often see yourself through feeding.  For that is often a very primal instinct in the physical  to  the touch, the taste, the feel for you are very much a being of mouth/feel for satisfaction.  Not so much taste, but how it feels.  Search for a way in which you can be in touch with that feeling and satisfy through another means.  Often times, if you put something very strong flavoured into your mouth you will become aware, oh, now I do need not to put food but to know that I am loved, that I can speak who I be.  A peppermint is often very good.  The actual peppermint that grows dear, the leaves.

Fear is one of the great tools of the physical learning.  But out of balance, fear, of course creates a somewhat of an uncomfortable position.  Did you speak your mind out of fear, or did you speak your mind out of truth?  I will give you your answer as to why you fear.  As to the actual fear of this being, you need not.  This one makes a lot of noise to frighten, to make you stand back.  Stand in your truth, dearest, not out of fear but out of love of self.  And if the moments of fear come, then listen. If they have a good purpose, follow through.  But if it is something that you  just create out of the fear of the words you spoke, they are truly of nothing and need not be put into any process.  So what did I say?  It is true you spoke out of fear, but out of the need to speak your truth.  In time you will be able to do this and not ask.  It always happens at the beginning of an understanding who you are and needing your strength to be seen.  It has already been stated to stand your ground.  Do not allow anyone to intimidate you.  Radiate the light and love that you be out of you and all will be protected.   As to speaking your truth, know that there will be those that do not
want to hear it and will spout and spurt and stamp all sorts of ridiculous, crazy
statements especially in some way that you seem to threaten them.  So be prepared and understand that your truth sometimes must find gentle, loving words to be spoken
even if they are not of a sound, and positive action.  It still can be done.  You can speak your truth in the light and the love of who you are and it will disarm. It is just a matter of practice, dear. You can do it.  You are a beautiful being.

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  1. Jillian Harrington September 8, 2011 at 9:17 am - Reply

    Thank you for your message about weight. This is something that I am working with right now, and what a beautiful reminder that it is love that we are truly hungry for, and we can feed that love to ourselves. And to look for touch – wouldn’t it be wonderful if regular massage could be a weight loss technique!

  2. Funtastic September 9, 2011 at 2:24 am - Reply

    Thank you for your response. That art work of that woman hugging herself is just beautiful.

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