Rich loving joy writes:  

Thank you again for the opportunity to post questions here for guidance – the service you’re providing is most appreciated by all of us!  My question has to do with the door I am closing and the new ones I am hoping that will be opening for me to walk through, specifically in regards to making a living for myself. Where I have been working (as you know) has been challenging at times, but mostly not very fulfilling (or as well paying) as I want my “work” to be. But I also know that “in the eyes of spirit” – it’s ALL GOOD. Any guidance on how to “find” what I’m looking for and how I ensure that I keep myself in ‘good spirits’ until I do without worrying about finances? Thanks very much.


The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you seem to have it well understood and balanced. You know that you have already left that and need to move forward and you have accepted this. It is exactly as you should.  And trusting in this will give you the buoyancy to sustain any times of wondering “Should I have and maybe that was a mistake.”

No mistake. Forward movement is absolutely necessary for you. Trust in the choices you have made that have brought you to now–a very evolved and wise being, trusting in the knowing that you must be able to breathe, see and touch. Limitations are not for you, blessed one.  Move into this light, this new domain.  As to what exactly? You are very close to understanding, even though you feel quite confused about it.  Go for long walks, listen.  Listen to your heart.  Listen to the voice that lies deep within you that has been calling you, forever.  It is not impossible, it is possible.