Letting go of a long-lasting relationship

Tia is very attached to a man with whom she’s had a long-lasting friendship. She says, “We were involved romantically for three years. Sometimes I feel like I’ve let go, and then something happens and I realize I’m still very attached to him. My question is: is our promise finished, or do we still have a karmic bond to work out? And how do I let go of my expectations of him in relationship? This relationship has brought me much joy and suffering. Thank you.


And frustration. Yes, the promise is complete on your side, my dear, but not his. And thus, your frustration. In order to feel at peace you feel compelled to move forward. That is why you feel this back and forth, needed, not needed. Wanting to free yourself. Back and forth, up and down. Yes, dearest, release yourself, and know that your growth is very important and you do not want to find yourself in a state of ill health–as you do feel overwhelmed by this one at times.

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