Cheenu writes:

I hope you see how best I’m trying to change into a positive person.  I sometimes feel unfit in this world due to the virtues I carry and the spiritual path I intend to travel. The world feels to be unsafe place where I need to protect myself by reacting and speaking up. Often I find myself criticizing myself for the actions I took in dealing with people. I feel I should have been bolder. The stress is still there to behave as a practical human being (not emotional) and not to get disturbed by small comments and my reactions.

I’m trying to ask if I’m on correct path. And will I be finally comfortable with people and able to emerge out of this matrix eventually?  Will I be able to find that great peace within myself? And lastly was the gift of reiki in this life meant for a change in my path in accordance with my previous births as healer or there is something more to it?

The guide’s response:

Blessed being, you seek but as you see and hear–you fear it.  You set out on a path of enlightenment but the greatest difficulty is speaking of that.  This blessed being seeks to find the light and all manner of things that are present upon her path. She will find the light– whether it be through an old tradition of reiki, or the healing talents of others. She is a healer; she is a very high energy being.

She wants to be accepted by all, but firstly, she must be accepted by herself.  It is not that she must follow the truths of others, but rather to hear them and decide what is right for her.

Blessed one, speaking your truth is the most difficult at first until you realize that beings are willing to see you for who you wish to radiate.  Let it be your own light that radiates and you will do well.