This is an excerpt from our recent evening with the spirit guides in Victoria.  On January 6th, 0ver 80 people joined us at the Church of Truth to converse with five different spirit guides that spoke through Jane.


I am considering take a course in being a medium.  My brother has received quite a few entities talking to him and he doesn’t really like it.  He asked me if I really want to unzip that and have them come in.  What are your thoughts on that?


It is already unzipped darling and you know this.  You are just a little afraid.  He thinks it is a crazy part of yourself making it up; it is not dear. You know the most difficult part is trusting in it.  He is uncomfortable with it, but it isn’t that he doesn’t trust it.  He just doesn’t want to bothered with it, not surprising.

It isn’t always the greatest gift, but it is something that is already on your path, my sweet, and it is already going to be.  You will take a few courses.   I’ll tell you one thing my darling,  it is much more important just to start being it.  Just start being it.  Allow the energies to flow through you and bask in the love, for nothing in spirit is of any harm to anyone.  If anyone does say there is only one way to the learning and you must follow only that, then do not go with them, for there are many ways. And you must find one that fits you, that is right for your path.

You are a hard working serious lass and you need to understand that joy and laughter and sometimes things that feel so odd will be the path you will be on. Don’t worry, you can do this.  It was a long time ago this was unzipped and you know that.