My question is about the person that came into my life a few years ago with such intensity and I am still feeling a soul connection and an attraction on multiple levels. But this person is not available and I’m not available. Why did this person come into my life, what do I have to learn from it and how do I manage this situation?

Well, loving someone has very little to do with the rules and regulations of the society. And many of these things are put upon the free, wonderful, amazing energy of love. So to learn how to love someone without being with them is your task at hand—because there are other choices that you cannot control.

You cannot change that feeling—but instead of being afraid of it or uncomfortable with it, embrace it. It woke you up. It made you feel completely alive. Thank that being. Forgive yourself for wanting to mess everything up and create all sorts of situations that you really don’t want. But love yourself enough to love him and let that be.

I know, your world has rules and regulations and they’re hard to live by because when spiritual promises are made they have very little to do with rules. You’ve known this one before, many times. And of course when you come up with one like this and meet them, it’s like: oh, there you are at last! And you feel lifted and free and excited. And then the heavy boundaries and limitations of a society can disturb that love. But it doesn’t have to. No, you will not have perhaps what you wanted. But you always can love.