Learning to access your spirit voice by listening to your body

Chanti writes:

Dear guides, I have so many questions lately my brain is going to find the truth of my consciousness. Could you please help me.

Someone that I met lately told me, “When you go to bed ask to your consciousness the direct question you want answered.  Don’t mix your question, just ask very clearly and wait you answer will come”

I would like to have some help to teach me how to do that? More and more I am realizing that we do have the answer in ourself and I need to learn to trust my voice and the answer. I guess I start to doubt myself and get scared to hear the wrong answer. I want to listen now and be open to what my consciousness has to tell me.  Can you please send me some help or teacher.  Thank you so very very much for all your help.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, dear, dear blessed one, you do try so very hard and it is truly amazing what you have done.  And you have already grown.  So, blessed one, how to learn to listen to your…what you call your consciousness.  But let’s call it your spirit.  Because your conscious mind will often take on other attitudes and cause you some difficulties.  So, let’s help you to hear your spirit voice.  Know that it is often is manifested through the physical body by certain things.

So, if there is a situation and you need to have an answer, ask the question out loud and then be still.  Listen to your breath and feel how your body, your greatest receiver, is feeling.  If it feels nervous and twitchy then somewhat caution must be used.  If it feels open and your heart is pounding full of love and light, which is different than pounding from fear.  Start reading how your body is feeling.  Put your conscious mind to rest for a bit.  Oh, you can ask in your dreams to give you  the answers, but you will need pen and paper right there immediately when you wake for these receiving times just before you wake or just before you fall into that deep sleep that is so healthy and needed just for your body.  Those things often don’t stay very long in your conscious mind.

So, listen to all your body speaks to you.  If your skin crawls, prickles, or if you get hot, if you have a great desire to hold a person’s hand, and if you have a desire to leave the presence of someone, listen to these for this is your spirit talking through your body.  And eventually, you will hear its voice with your body and through your body.  It might be through your mind, but it might be through your heart too.  It will be up to them.  You have amazing beings working with you, gentle, wonderful.  They are with you. One of which who is a wonderful healer and that it is why you often find yourself working with others and being very affected by their conditions.  You see, my dear, you are already half way there.  Blessed one, trust.

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  1. Chanti January 6, 2011 at 8:57 pm - Reply

    My guides when you say I have a wonderful beings working with me , gentle, wonderful.Do you mean people around me in person or in spirit world?
    Do I have a person a man or woman in person who could help me more for my grown? Or would I meet someone soon to help me with my grown?

    Thank you from my heart for all your help .

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