Learning about the love of “you”

Helene writes:

I recently met a person who I feel is a very old friend. Our meeting was a series of very funny coincidences, as if it was planned beforehand to be memorable to both of us. And now, only knowing each other a short time, we feel inseparable, as if we are somehow part of the same soul. I feel understood and safe with this gentle being, and we are both overjoyed at the meeting. I know these wonderful happenstances occur in life to us all, and you are asked about these meetings over and over. My question specifically is: what is the purpose of bringing people together where there is obviously a great deal of love, but there will always be a separation? I cannot be with this person in a romantic way (I am in a relationship I want to maintain), but I can’t imagine living without him now. I know love is a good thing in all its forms and so I do not deny it. Can you give advice about how to maintain balance in these kinds of relationships and not cause any pain to ourselves or others? I am afraid of repeating mistakes I have made in the past.

The guide’s response:

Blessed one, love is an amazing energy.  When it is translated through need and want, or the very images that your mind creates, it creates that that you experience.  Love is the raw material; you decide what you do with it.  You are creating the pain in your being from your own thoughts. Your thoughts have needs and wants in an untouched depth of being.  You allow very few beings close to you.  You believe in your imagination that with this one, that deep part of you would be whole and balanced.

But in truth, my dear, you keep that part of you very protected and hidden.  Allow yourself to be this open flowing being with the one you choose to be with for the longest time.  The world you live in has many rules and regulations.  Worry not to fit to them, but of what your spirit needs.  In truth, if love be the energy that moves through you, anarchy will not prevail, love will.

Do not see past actions as being negative but as a richly fertile learning. But know that in that learning you have hidden a part of yourself.  Share this part of yourself.  Love yourself enough to be completely home with the one you choose to be with.

Why do beings come into your path?  Because you have asked them to.  Part of you knows that you need to be seen and heard so part of you has attracted this love to you—for you need to learn about the love of you.  Embrace it, do not fear it. Embrace it with clarity and then you will understand who you need to be and who you need to be with.


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  1. Hélène November 14, 2011 at 8:33 pm - Reply

    I admit this guidance is a bit difficult for me to understand… I’m having to meditate on in quite a bit. Thank you for the answer, ladies and guides.

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