Joanna asks for understanding about accidental deaths

accidentsJoanna  – I understand that what occurs in our lives always has an element of growth, but when it comes to accidents I can’t make sense of some that I’ve recently heard of that took people’s lives. I have some examples, the first one is the case of a lovely, giving woman coming home with the groceries was killed by her own car when her dog jumped on the gear and it backed over her. What is the learning there?

Are you speaking for you or for the woman? But they are very different elements of learning. Everyone who was involved with that woman, and everyone who was involved at the time and the process all around the death… there are so many elements of growth and learning involved that each could be different.

That I understand. Was this something she chose?

She chose that she should leave at that approximate age after what she had accomplished, yes. It might seem difficult to understand that a perfectly happy, healthy being should just all of a sudden be gone. That’s from your side of the fence you see that. We see it as very successful, perfect.

That’s a matter of perspective, I guess

 Yes, my dear.

Well what about the two young boys who were killed by a boa constrictor?

You are going to hear more about this. This is not what it seems.

And what about the 20-year-old boy who was sitting on the railing waiting for the sky train and just fell to his death. That just seems so pointless.

Well of course you’re not going to see it as having any purpose, but that being of light knew very well, not in the conscious mind, but in spirit. That one had tried many times. You might think that young beings are so unaware of life and death that they are foolish, but in fact many of them were not meant to be here very long.  It’s not just your side, there are so many dimensions at hand.

That being in fact completed a great a promise by doing that. I know that you see a young life unfulfilled…

Snuffed out.

Not so. That life was fulfilling. That life served a purpose. And it was perfect.  Now then, it’s a different occasion when someone takes another’s life. That is a different promise completely. It’s a promise that can go either way. Do you understand what I mean?

 Not really.

If two beings come together and the promise at hand is that one takes another’s life or get very close to it, the choice lying in whether they choose to kill or not to kill, then the being might live. But they are willing to stand in that place of their life being taken for the other person to grow, or not.

Oh, so the promise may be that the person who is to be murdered has offered a gift of growth to the other person.


 And that would be something that a being would choose before coming into this world?

Yes. Not to the exact details, for as you have all heard many times, there will be many instances or possibilities of how this plays out.

The opportunity for another….you know that you must learn everything; it’s just about learning. And if you’re not learning, then you need to be.

So with all the deaths in Syria, those children, are those promises? Did each of them have a promise to be in this war?

No, they didn’t all have that promise. But they all were in that place at that time when a great promise was at hand.

And the great promise had to do with the government?

The great promise has to do with tribal feuding and fighting, that is dying out and yet they are not willing to even consider another way of thinking.

They believe that their God told them to take these lives. What kind of manner of intelligence could stop people by harming….well, they didn’t harm their souls, that’s all I can say about that.  But I will tell you that they all went with peace and happiness. I will tell you that every child and mother and being that was gassed was loved and entered into a place of beautiful harmony. And will return quite quickly and will be very much peace keeping people.

 Is this all part of the overturn, what is happening now?


Do we all choose when we’re going to go?

Yes, in the final, actual passage, you will choose it. Even if someone shoots you, you will choose it. Free will is most powerful. Free will is the love you are given by the Great Creator to be present in the physical world.

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