imgresDonna writes:

Can you please provide some insight and clarity about the energy regarding financial flow as there appears to be struggle for many and monetary wealth for so few. Is the gap widening between those that have so little and those that have so much? What does all this represent?

The guide responds:

Give and take.  You are just using financial monies right now in your time in history.  To give and take is truly love.  Love is the true root of needing.  It has become quite out of touch.  That’s why you are seeing this out of balance.  It’s not money you need; it’s love.

Some beings use money as love. Some see it as the only way of receiving love; they see their worth only in a dollar and number sign.  It’s just a mask. And when you strip away the mask then you must come up with love—and that’s when things falter and tears fall and beings realize their truth.  It lies not in a token, not in a jewel.  It lies not in anything that can be in the physical.  It’s an energy; it’s the true force that flows through everything.  It is the creative and destructive force in your physical world.  You give it the name of money right now and you see some that have little, and some that have a lot. Those that have very little have a lot of love. Those that have great amounts of money often have very little love.

You’ve often known the yin and yang. The overturn of souls is a time when the opposites are present; the balance needs to be reached. So, you look to the other side of your circle to know what it is that is needed.  No, it’s not easy to understand. Seek not money—but love.  Love of self and the true understanding.

It isn’t adorning your being with tokens and baubles and riches.  Loving yourself means that you are full and whole and that you can reach out to another to help them. For you see them in the darkness, for the light that beams isn’t from a magnificent crystal chandelier—but from your heart.  It is the light from your heart that allows you to see another in need.

Be patient. Realize that great riches don’t bring you warmth and love. It is another being that will give you the riches of the world.  I often hear comments that people don’t ask about the great upheavals in the world, but they ask if they will find someone to love.  That is the best question for them to ask.  For at first they will find love for themselves, not through attaining a job or a place of status, but by putting down arms and armour and riches and seeing their true worth, by having the ability to be.

All beings present in the physical world right now are amazing beings–the ancient and the very new creating a middle ground. They are coming together in the middle. That is the most difficult task possible. It is happening.  And yes it’s a difficult time to communicate. It’s like different languages finding a common ground. And it can cause anger and fear and joy.  But it is happening.  And right now I will tell you, though you might think it’s very negative, it isn’t. There are wonderful things happening.

So, you are all present in your worlds. In yours you might think it’s a time of celebrating a great teacher. But every day you can celebrate … being, having an effect in the physical domain, with a voice, with a touch. Choose to the highest that you can—and then some—and you shall have the greatest legacy: love. For love is God, is Light. Your world is a learning place, a place of struggle, not to overcome but to embrace.  Not of fighting against, but of seeing it and loving it.

You can have all the money you want; it has nothing to do with love. This is what you really want to understand. Separate love from money and you can have any amount. Put the two together and you put it into a completely different realm.

If you think what you need to be at peace and happy is money, then you are combining it with love.  If you understand what it is that truly makes you happy and at peace—which is love (whether through being with another human being or conversation of just being present among many joyful children)–that’s not money. Money is a token. If you want tokens you can have as many as you wish.

Do not think one is the same as the other.

These beings that believe money is a tool and that they should have what they need and then they proceed to give and to love and do exactly what they need to do, they have never confused the two. Love is love; money is money (baubles, trinkets).  Love is the greatest power on earth.  Love yourself. Give yourself that light and love. And if you wish money, baubles, trinkets, a trip to Hawaii–so it shall be. But do not think the trip to Hawaii is the love.

I love you.  You will understand.

Note: This was originally posted in November, 2012. It is among several posts that were lost in cyberspace when the website went down in early December. We will be reposting some of the posts from time to time.