Sandy asks about her future with a man.  She writes, “I have been involved with a man, R, who is now facing some big questions in his life. Will we end up together, or is he meant to follow another path?

Dearest one, sometimes you wonder if you have hitched your wagon to the wrong horse. Have you put trust and faith in someone that didn’t deserve such trust and faith?  Have you made dreams on no foundation?  All of these questions you ask yourself.  It is not about his choices and his next steps. It is about yours, dearest.  And you are not breathing. You have put your life on hold.  You have been waiting and waiting and now you want an exit.  You have every right.

You are tired of waiting.  Are you tired enough to use the words to put the actual words out there?  Are you tired enough to hear what is truly being said and shown by his actions?  Do you love yourself enough to make choices to live your path, the path that you so deserve?  You deserve all of the light and love that is there for you.  Do I answer your question with questions?  Yes, my dear for you are in a time of great growth.  You are anxious.  You are almost frightened, but don’t be.  Take deep breaths.  Be still and make the right choice for you. For you.