Scooterish  writes:

I have a question. I know I’m having a growth spurt and it’s not terribly comfortable. I’m feeling as if I must not have boundaries, that I should have no boss, that I need to be free to do what I want. I want to leave my job and be free to mother and nurture. I worry about finances as there needs to be more money. How can I transition away from my job and move towards being closer to home? Thank you and much love to you.

The guide’s response:

Dearest one, you have evolved very quickly in the physical world and it is true that you will feel uncomfortable in your own skin–and that is why when you are in certain places you feel so much older.  You have set yourself at a very high pace of learning and when you do step outside of it you feel right and that your conscious mind tells you that you cannot do it. Back and forth you go, back and forth.  You do know that doing and being the mother that you are is the greatest gift you give; to them to help them to grow to create a secure place for them to be, to learn to grow.

You also know that you can bring others into this place of love that you have created to help them to learn to grow.  The manner in which you do this is up to you but you will do it.  Blessed one, the worrying of money only brings forth more worry. Trust that it shall be there for you if you make choices that are right for you.  It has not been easy but you know you are very wise and have great strength.  You also have a charisma that draws others to you.  Be that strong beautiful being.  Be that, my child.